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Are you are strong builder/systems person and (almost) done with your PhD? We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher with strong technical skills to join the lab. Check out our posting!


New HoloLens Demo installed in Aol’s Area 51

May 2017 After the Spring semester wound down at the Cornell Tech, the CX Lab trekked over to Aol’s NYC headquarters to present ArLane. Since January, the Lab has been collaborating with the Foundry@Cornell Tech to create a proof-of-concept demo built using Microsoft HoloLens technology that will permanently be housed at Aol’s Area 51. This setting simulates a brick and mortar store, with physical products on shelves. Shoppers will use ArLane to enrich their in-store experience: as they gaze at an item, ArLane provides extra information about the item in the form of a virtual info card. The info card appears…


First Year Cx Lab PhD Fellow Represents at CHI

May 2017 Aol fellow and first year PhD, Max Grusky, presented his recent paper at the Computer Human Interaction conference in Denver. His paper, Modeling Sub-Document Attention Using Viewport Time, (Max Grusky, Jeiran Jahani, Josh Schwartz, Dan Valente, Yoav Artzi, and Mor Naaman) explains a new approach to measuring fine-grained attention to individual components of Web pages.


From Chelsea to Perth: Immersive Recommendation goes to Australia

April 2017 Longqi Yang, an Aol PhD Fellow, presented a paper entitled, Collaborative Metric Learning. In it, he presented a new recommendation technique that can significantly improve the recommendation accuracy in many domains.


Masters Students Join Lab Project

February 2017: The Cx Lab is joined by two masters students to help build a demo currently in progress for Aol’s Area 51 Lab. Chumeng Xu, a first year Connective Media Student, will be working on the spatial mapping and computer vision components of the app being built in Hololens. Delia Casa, an MBA, will be designing a user experience to guides the user through navigating the HoloLens and imagine how they would use application in their everyday life.


Aol PhD Fellows Present at NIPS 2016 in Barcelona

December, 2016   Aol PhD Fellows, Andreas Veit and Michael Wilber, traveled to Barcelona, Spain to present their paper at the Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS 2016). Their paper, “Residual Networks Behave Like Ensembles of Relatively Shallow Networks,” investigates residual networks, state-of-the-art models used for computer vision and machine learning. They discover that residual networks are easy to train because they can be expressed as a collection of many short paths. Residual networks avoid the vanishing gradient problem by introducing short paths which can carry gradient throughout the extent of very deep networks.


Attention and Engagement Idea Exchange

November, 2016   One important thread of the Cx Lab’s objective centers around measuring and modeling online user engagement and attention levels in novel ways.  Aol Team Members from New York and Boston met with members of the Connected eXperiences Lab:  Mor Naaman (Cx Faculty) , Yoav Artzi (Cornell Tech Faculty), and Max Grusky (Aol PhD Fellow) for an exploratory conversation on this topic hosted at AOL NY. The agenda included a current presentation on attention and user modeling, discussion of implications for AOL, and investigating new opportunities to work together, define new data collection and understand how to test effectiveness of…


Second Annual Cx Fall Workshop 

September, 2016   The Connected eXperiences Lab hosted the Second Annual Fall Workshop. Participants from AOL, Cornell Tech, the Technion Institute of Technology, and Cornell University came together to engage in cross-platform thinking. The workshop opened with presentations on the lab’s current investigations, then went into breakout sessions and lightening research presentations and an interactive poster-session, as well as a keynote by Cornell Tech faculty, Ari Juels.


Estrin Honored by IEEE

June, 2016   Cx Faculty member, Deborah Estrin, was awarded the 2017 IEEE Internet Award for her exceptional contributions to the advancement of internet technology. The Nokia sponsored award highlighted her “formative contributions and thought leadership in internet routing and in mobile sensing techniques and applications, from environmental monitoring to personal and community health.” Click here  for more information.


Capitalizing on Personal Digital Traces

April, 2016   The Cx Lab members presented their paper on Immersive Recommendations research technology at the 25th World Wide Web Convention in Montreal. This technology translates personal digital trace from one platform into content recommendations on another platform.



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