Cx Lab Adds a Senior Developer

Doron Tal joins the lab as a Senior Developer in Residence.  Doron is focused on technologies that help humans connect with each other and also on potential applications of mixed reality systems. Doron is also a member of the Cornell Tech Foundry, which engages with the Cornell Tech community to help them have a greater impact on academia and society at large. Before he joined the lab, he worked in academia (UC Berkeley), government (NASA Ames Research Center), and industry (Xerox Research, Visionics, Videosurf) on a variety of topics in computer vision and robotics.  He received his B.A. in Computer Science and Philosophy, with a concentration in Cognitive Studies, from Cornell University, followed by a M. Eng. at Cornell University in classical artificial intelligence. He received a Ph.D. in Theoretical Neuroscience from Boston University, focused on a biologically feasible neural network model of image segmentation. He has worked in both academia and industry developing software in computer vision feature detection, image segmentation, robotic simulation, optimization, and machine learning. His career spans academia and industry, and includes Xerox research, UC Berkeley, NASA Ames Research Center, and a few successful start-ups.


  • Cornell Tech 2 West Loop Road NY NY 10044