Technologist in Residence Joins the Team

This fall, we are excited to welcome Benedetta Piantella as a Technologist in Residence. Focused on researching how visual awareness can be used to foster connectedness, a sense of belonging and further collaboration among people, Benedetta will be running a series of  investigations within the lab, Cornell-Tech Campus, and the NYC/Ithaca community. Before she joined the lab, she worked on a variety of projects at the intersection of art, design, technology and social innovation. She is a graduate of  the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU, where she was a faculty member teaching Physical Computing and Technology for Development courses. She is currently teaching design for social impact courses at SVA Design for Social Innovation Graduate Program. In addition, Benedetta is Co-founder of T4D Lab®, an Engineering R&D company focused on building sustainable solutions to social challenges worldwide.  Please join us in welcoming Benedetta. We look forward to how she will explore presence and different kinds of information displays to help connect people.


  • Cornell Tech 2 West Loop Road NY NY 10044