Immersive Recommendation Systems

We investigate the next generation of recommendation systems, building on (1) new techniques for equating and ranking available content/product/behavior choices based on image and tag data, and (2) modeling the individual based on a rich set of historical data streams so as to more ‘insightfully’ match and adapt to their needs.

Locally Connected Experiences

We look at how data from mobile devices, sensors, as well as new cryptography techniques and protocols can enable meaningful connections between people in the same location, including buildings, offices, and public spaces.

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New Interfaces

We are developing the next generation of interaction techniques that will enable people to access information and communicate with others effectively at home and on-the-go. We focus on devices and interactions that enable all people, regardless of age or (dis)ability, to benefit from technology to promote equity.


We are a diverse team of faculty, postdocs, and PhD students at Cornell Tech, the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute, and the Technion. Core members of the team are listed here but we collaborate wtih many others.

Nir Ailon

Technion Faculty

Shiri Azenkot

Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute Faculty

Serge Belongie

Cornell Tech Faculty

Devaneke Crumpler

Cornell Tech Staff

Deborah Estrin

Cornell Tech Faculty

Ross McLachlan

Cornell Tech Postdoctoral Fellow

Mor Naaman

Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute Faculty

Anat Rafaeli

Technion Faculty

Roi Reichart

Technion Faculty

Lei Shi

Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute AOL PhD Fellow

Emily Sun

Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute AOL PhD Fellow

Andreas Veit

Cornell Tech AOL PhD Fellow

Longqi Yang

Cornell Tech AOL PhD Fellow

Lihi Zelnik-Manor

Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute Visiting Faculty

The collaboration brings together two institutions that are central to the NYC tech scene: AOL as a pioneering media technology company and Cornell Tech as the new flagship university campus for digital technologies. The AOL gift allows researchers to pursue diverse topics including human computer interaction, computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing, and social computing. The research catalyzes the use of data to make choices about behaviors and products, enhance and support our connections to the people closest to us, and help create ties that empower and build local communities.

The Connected eXperiences Lab, an endeavor of the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute with cooperation through Cornell Tech, includes full-time engineers and designers, in addition to faculty, PhD students and postdocs. To build meaningful technologies and improve the likelihood of impact, we need people in-house that can design and build systems, moving early research prototypes into the real world. If you are interested in working with us, please send us an e-mail!

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