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AUDIO: Modeling and Interaction

Projects in the Audio theme explore using technology to model retrieve, recommend, and interact with audio and speech content.

The Connected Experiences lab is addressing this understudied field in several areas.

First, we're working toward understanding a new and relatively understudied medium: Podcasts. We're conducting user studies to better understand podcast use, and developing deep learning-based labeling algorithms to predict attributes of podcast content to be used for recommendations.

Second, we're working to develop better audio-only interfaces. This group of projects explores how people search and manage content using smart speakers and invents novel assistive interfaces that can help users with low vision interact with content.

An example of an audio-only interface, also in the visual track, uses 3D printing to create objects with computer-readable labels. Combined with sensing technologies and real-time feedback, the models help people with low vision learn new concepts without relying on visual or tactile graphics. You can read more about the project at its website.

Audio Theme News

Audio Theme Publications

How Intention Informed Recommendations Modulate Choices: A Field Study of Spoken Word Content

Longqi Yang, Michael Sobolev, Yu Wang, Jenny Chen, Drew Dunne, Christina Tsangouri, Nicola Dell, Mor Naaman, and Deborah Estrin

To be presented at WWW 2019.


More than Just Words: Modeling Non-Textual Characteristics of Podcasts

Longqi Yang, Yu Wang, Drew Dunne, Michael Sobolev, and Deborah Estrin

To be presented at WSDM 2019.


A Demo of Talkit++: Interacting with 3D Printed Models Using an iOS Device

Lei Shi, Zhuohao Zhang, and Shiri Azenkot

Presented at ASSETS '18, Galway, Ireland.


Understanding User Interactions with Podcast Recommendations Delivered Via Voice

Longqi Yang, Michael Sobolev, Christina Tsangouri, and Deborah Estrin

Proceedings of RecSys 2018


Design Interactive 3D Printed Models for Blind Students

Lei Shi

SIGACCESS Newsletter, January 2018


Markit and Talkit: A Low-Barrier Toolkit to Augment 3D Printed Models with Audio Annotations

Lei Shi, Yuhang Zhao, and Shiri Azenkot

Presented at UIST 2017, Quebec City, Canada.


Designing Interactions for 3D Printed Models with Blind People

Lei Shi, Yuhang Zhao, and Shiri Azenkot

Presented at ASSETS 2017, Baltimore, MD.

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