New HoloLens Demo installed in Aol’s Area 51

May 2017

After the Spring semester wound down at the Cornell Tech, the CX Lab trekked over to Aol’s NYC headquarters to present ArLane. Since January, the Lab has been collaborating with the Foundry@Cornell Tech to create a proof-of-concept demo built using Microsoft HoloLens technology that will permanently be housed at Aol’s Area 51. This setting simulates a brick and mortar store, with physical products on shelves. Shoppers will use ArLane to enrich their in-store experience: as they gaze at an item, ArLane provides extra information about the item in the form of a virtual info card. The info card appears next to the item and can be flipped for more information about related items.

This demo explores innovative ways to use mixed reality for an in-store shopping experience and explores various dimensions of a mixed reality experience, including multimodal interfaces (eye, voice, gesture), information overlay, animation, use of rich media content, communication with external application, etc.


  • Cornell Tech 2 West Loop Road NY NY 10044