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Face Recognition & Accessibility Research at CHI

Mockups of the app's facial recognition and chat features.
Mockups of the app's facial recognition and chat features.

One of the Cx Lab's major focuses is integrating augmented reality with everyday technologies such as mobile phones and Facebook to make the use experience more accessible. At the 2018 ACM Computer-Human Interaction (CHI) conference, Cx faculty member Shiri Azenkot, PhD student Yuhang Zhao, and their collaborators presented research on assistive chatbots for Facebook users with visual impairments.

Their bot uses tagged Facebook photos and computer vision algorithms to help users with visual impairments recognize their friends. In surveys and interviews, participants in the study offered suggestions for improving the bot’s camera and facial recognition performance, interaction design, and other features. Their feedback highlights important challenges in designing facial recognition tools for real-world use. You can find their research paper here.


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